angular contact ball bearing
angular contact ball bearing


Angular contact ball bearing could bear radial load and axial load, could work in the high–speed revolution. The greater contact angular is.The higher axial carrying capacity is. High-precision and high-speed bearing usually adopt 15°contact angular. Under the axial force, angular contact will become big. Single angular contact ball bearings only bear one direction axial load. When bear radial load, it will occur additional axial force, and it could restrict axle and outer ring axial displacement in one direction.

If duplex installation in pairs, it is wide surface face wide surface, narrow surface face narrow surface.It avoids additional axial force. it will restrict axis and outer ring in axial clearance in two direction. Angular contact ball bearings have raceway in inner ring and outer ring.  Both inner and outer ring on the axial bearing for the relative displacement; it means this bearing design bear combined load (radial load and axial load,','), Angular contact ball bearing axial load capacity increases with the contact angle increases. The definition of Contact angle; angle between the line of contact ball and raceway touch spot in radial plane and with the line perpendicular to bearing axle , load along this angle from one raceway to another Raceway.

Angle contact ball bearing cage material is brass, synthetic resin and so on.

Angle contact ball bearing classification:

1,a=15°angular contact ball bearing(70000 C type)

2,a=25°angular contact ball bearing(70000 AC type)

3,a=40°angular contact ball bearing(70000 B type)

4,a=15°angular contact ball bearing(B70000 C-2RZ type)

5,a=25°high-speed angular contact ball bearing(B70000 C-2RZ type)

6,a=15°high-speed angular contact ball bearing(B70000 C-2RZ HQ1type)

7,a=25°high-speed angular contact ball bearing(B70000 AC-2RZ HQ1type)

8, back to back duplex angular contact ball bearing (70000 C (AC, B)/DB type)

9,face to face duplex angular contact ball bearing[70000 C(AC、B)/DF type]

10, cascade duplex angular contact ball bearing[70000 C(AC、B)/DT type]

11,Filling slot angular contact ball bearing(0000 type a=30°)

12,without filling slot angular contact ball bearing(0000 type a=30°)
13,one side with shield angular contact ball bearing(0000 type a=30°)

14,both side with shield angular contact ball bearing (0000 A-2Z type a=30°)

15,one side with seal ring angular contact ball bearing(0000 A-RZ type a=30°)

16,both side with seal ring double angular contact ball bearing(0000 A-2RZ typea=30°)

17,four point contact ball bearing(QJ type a=35°)

angular contact ball bearing application:

Single row angular contact ball bearing apply to machine tool spindle, dither motor, gas turbine, Centrifugal machine, minicar front wheel, reducer, pinion shaft, instrumentation and so on.

double row angular contact ball bearing apply to oil pump, air compressor, some kinds transmission gear box, printing machine etc.