bearing  heating
bearing heating

Bearing heating

Our bearing heating range can be used for mounting or dismounting by efficiently heating bearings, both large and small.

most bearing heating in stock; if you need bearing heating, please contact us.

We can send bearing heating by DHL TNT FedEx and other express; we can also ship bearing heating by air by sea by train, we will satisfy all your needs.

Bearing heating Advantages:

Improve assembly quality, even heating, high precision, keep surface harness constant.

Improve work efficiency, quick heating speed, reduce works strength, improve assembly progress, reach to the aim of civilized production.

Rational and advanced in structure, easy, safe, reliable to operate with fire danger.

Save energy sources, reduce cost, improve profit, saving 100% oil compared with oil heating, save 60% oil compared with electric furnace.

 After stopping heating, our induction heater will automatically demagnetize 0.4-0.5mt, So it is the best heating equipment for civilized production, high- efficiency production and safe production.

About bearing heating

Bearing heating are becoming the preferred method when it comes to heating bearings so they will expand before installing them. Many choose to use this

option as it eliminates the contamination that can occur when using oil baths. They utilize induction heating for bearings, as well as other objects.

Features of bearing heating

It is important to realize that the bearing heating can be used for much more than just bearings. Many also use these heaters for gears, rings, couplings,

and other items. As always, you will want to make sure you read the instructions thoroughly and that you know what is and is not allowed in the unit before

you start using it. Heating is a perfect method of shrink fitting.

Most of the options on the market today are very easy to use, as they have simple operation. Modern units have built-in protection so you do not have to

worry about overheating. Of course, since there are a range of options on the market, you have to remember that the features and options on each of them

may be somewhat different.

How bearing heating work

Many of the quality options on the market today will allow the operator to determine the perceive temperature, as well as the precise amount of time for the

heater to warm the bearings. They feature a temperature probe that will measure the interior. Most will also have a screen that will let you know the actual

temperature inside of the bearing heating unit.

Good bearing heating will also offer demagnetization for the pieces after it is through with the heating. This can make installation easier. Some will also

offer signals that let you know when the heating and demagnetization cycle is complete. The signals are usually lights and sounds.